Relyon - Ortho Pocket Extreme

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The Relyon Othopocket Extreme 1500 is a fantastic orthopeadic mattress from Relyon, one of their firmest mattresses and one of our best selling ortho mattresses. 1500 Pocket Springs, natural fibre fillings and superb hypo-allergenic Superflex foam are all handcrafted together to create a superb extra-firm feel mattress. This mattress is designed for those who want their mattress to be very firm.

Relyon's 1500 Pocket Springs move independently from one another to support your body as you sleep, helping to distribute evenly and increasing postural support as a result. Each spring moves up and down like a piston, mirroring the contours of the body instantly to provide support where required, and preventing pressure points from forming - the main cause of aches and pains.

Hypo-allergenic Superflex Foam adds an extra layer of support and helps reduce the effects of dust mites, which cannot survive in the foam. This foam is not only supportive, but it is also very comfortable and will gradually conform to your body's shape, working in harmony with the springs at the core of this Relyon mattress. The edges of the Heyford 1500 are supported with firmer springs, adding strength to the sides of the mattress and increasing the usable area of the mattress by up to 15% (in a Double size), meaning you are supported no matter where on the mattress you sleep.

Product Features

  • 1500 Pocket Springs.
  • Extra Firm Tension Mattress.
  • Cotton and Foam Fillings.
  • Turnable Mattress.
  • Hand Tufted.
  • 8 Year Guarantee.
  • Mattress Depth: 32cm