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Product Description

The Dunlopillo Diamond is the most popular Dunlopillo mattress of the last 10 years. Made with a core of 100% Dunlopillo Latex, the Diamond bed boasts fantastic durability, supreme natural comfort and a great price. The Diamond is medium tension mattress, but provides perfect support, meaning the body benefits from perfect posture (the true meaning of Orthopaedic). MyNextMattress carries the Dunlopillo Diamond in stock.

The Diamond is the sister mattress to the firmer Dunlopillo Firmrest. The Dunlopillo Diamond shares the same specification as the Firmrest, but the Diamond's latex is poured into the mould at a lower density (ratio of latex to air), making it softer.

As with all Dunlopillo mattresses, the latex is made by to a unique specification, one which has been a secret since 1929 when the first Dunlopillo was produced. The current generation of Dunlopillo mattresses boast the purest form of latex since the Dunlopillo brand was formed many, many years ago.

This Dunlopillo mattress is a beautifully sumptuous and luxurious one. The natural latex unit this mattress is built around offers fantastic pressure relieving support. The latex moulds to the contour of the body perfectly and effortlessly. latex is a Natural material and does not require heat to soften, as some other man made materials do, making the Diamond a cool mattress at all times.

The Dunlopillo Diamond mattress is a no-turn mattress, making it easy to care for, although we recommend it is rotated once per season. The Dunlopillo Diamond has a smooth, quilted surface, offering even more comfort.

The Dunlopillo Diamond is 18cm deep and is covered in a stunning soft-knit material, which aids moisture and heat management, preventing heat levels from building up through the night.

Base & Headboard Sold Separately

  • oduct Features

    • Best Seller!
    • Natural Latex Core.
    • 7 Zone Support.
    • No Turn Mattress.
    • Progressive Comfort & Support.
    • Breathable.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Anti Bed Bug, Anti Dust Mite.
    • Smart Fibre Cover Material.
    • Built in Cambridgeshire.
    • Suitable for Adjustable Beds.
    • 8 Year Guarantee.
    • Mattress Depth: 18cm.