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Product Description

The Dunlopillo Orchid mattress is a long standing name within the Dunlopillo Collection. The Orchid is a deep, firm feeling mattress that boasts both comfort and firmer feeling support. The solid Dunlopillo latex used in this mattress is poured in at a high density (latex to air) and therefore is firmer.

At 24cm deep, the Orchid is among the deepest of the current generation of Latex mattresses from Dunlopillo. This is the firmest of the mattresses at the top of the range, and is designed for those who prefer a firmer feel without compromising on comfort.

Thanks to the firmer, higher density of the Orchid's Latex, this mattress will effortlessly support the body, and do so instantly and without requiring heat (as some Memory Foam mattresses do). As this is a firmer feeling mattress, the support on offer is more than other mattresses, so the body will not sink in, which can cause pressure points from forming, which in turn result in aches and pains in the morning. The Dunlopillo Orchid's prevention of this is the sign of a true orthopaedic mattress.

This is a 7 Zoned mattress. There are 7 separate 'zones' of firmness within the latex, meaning those areas of the body requiring more support will get it, and those areas requiring a softer, gentler level of support will also be catered for.

Dunlopillo have finished the Orchid to the same very high, exacting standards that you would expect of a World famous brand. The latex used by Dunlopillo follows the same formula as the original mattresses formed in the Dunlop building in Birmingham in 1929. The result of this tradition is a tried and tested, hugely popular range of latex mattresses that have a reputation for comfort and support without any compromise. A Dunlopillo customer will remain a Dunlopillo customer for life.

This Dunlopillo Orchid mattress has a smooth, quilted surface to add a final flourish of luxury to an already wonderful mattress. The Orchid boasts a smart material on the surface that aids the heat and moisture management of this mattress, as well as being very comfortable and durable. Not only is this cover fabric cool and dry at all times, the cover fabric is infused with Actipro technology, preventing odours and allergens, ensuring the mattress remains fresh and comfortable throughout it's long life.

  • Product Features

    • Orthopaedic Support.
    • Natural Latex.
    • 7-Zone Support.
    • Temperature Regulating.
    • No-Turn Mattress.
    • Progressive Comfort & Support.
    • Fully Breathable.
    • Anti-dust mite.
    • Very Durable.
    • Silent Mattress.
    • 8-year Guarantee.
    • Depth: 24cm.