Relyon - Rose Mattress

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The Relyon Rose2350 Pocket Springs with natural Wool and Pashmina blended in. This gives you plenty of support and a luxurious feel to offer you the best night's sleep. This excellent mattress is one of the best selling Relyon mattresses, and it is easy to see why! Such a superb specification at such a great price has earned this mattress a place among the best value mattresses on the market today.

The 2350 individual pocket springs give you postural support throughout the night, for every part of your body, leaving you to wake without aches and pains, feeling fully rejuvenated and ready to face the day ahead. Pocket Springs move independently, meaning there is no compromise if surrounding springs are compressed, resulting in perfect support exactly when and where it is required. As Pocket Springs are held in their own fabric pocket, they also stop any disturbances caused by a restless partner.

Natural wool and Pashmina have been blended into the sleeping surface, making the mattress soft and comfortable. This mattress is soft and luxurious on the surface, but supportive and posture enhancing at its core. The fillings and springs working in harmony to offer a wonderful mattress. The natural fillings are chosen for their comfort and durability, but they are also breathable, naturally remain cool and are resistant to bed bugs and mites. Relyon has applied each of the deep layers of fillings by hand to ensure and even surface and consistent firmness.

Product Features

  • 2350 Pocket Springs.
  • Pashmina Wool Fillings.
  • Medium Firm Tension Mattress.
  • Non Turn Mattress.
  • Hand Tufted.
  • 8 Year Guarantee.
  • Mattress Depth: 30cm