Relyon - Jasmine Mattress

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Truly the most luxurious mattress in the Natural Collection. The Jasmine 2850 has a combined spring count of 2850 from the pocket springs in the heart of the mattress and mini pocket springs in the pillowtop that help distribute weight evenly, minimising pressure on the body and resulting in an undisturbed night’s sleep. Cashmere and silk elevate the levels of plush comfort in this truly sumptuous mattress.

Relyon's expert bedmakers have designed the Jasmine with your luxury in mind. Spectacular layers of cashmere and silk fibres are blended to create a durable insulation layer, that also helps to support the sleeper. Each deep layer of fillings is applied by hand to ensure even distribution and durability. These layers are completely natural, breathable and are even anti dustmite.

These luxury fillings complement the pocket springs - of which this mattress contains a whopping 2,850! The pocket spring one of the best systems to help with posture and provide comfort to the sleeper. Not only are there pocket springs in the core of the mattress, but there are also mini pocket springs within the pillow-top layer too! These springs make for a luscious feel that is slightly firmer than a traditional pillow-top but remains a luxurious, comfortable mattress to sink into at the end of the day.

Product Features

  • 2850 Pocket Springs.
  • 27cm Deep Mattress.
  • Cashmere And Silk Fillings.
  • Medium Tension Mattress.
  • No-Turn Mattress.
  • Hand Tufted.
  • 8 Year Guarantee.