MLILY - Memory Pocket 200

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1. Comfort Memory Foam. Our Mlily Comfort Memory Foam is specially designed to provide a supportive, comfortable feel that adapts to your body’s natural pressure points. 2 cm

2. Flex Comfort Foam. We’ve added our Flex Comfort Foam for increased suppleness and a more adaptive feel. 2 cm

3. Pocket Springs. Our FlexCore Pocket Springs are specially engineered to bring out the performance of this mattress. 14 cm

4. Flex Support Border. Our Flex Support Border helps to evenly distribute your body pressure, ensuring corner to corner surface support.

5. Flex Support Foam. A base layer of our Flex Support Foam provides the supportive foundation you need for a better night’s sleep and a better you. 2 cm

Full sizing available - 3ft to 6ft  

Please contact the store for pricing and ordering options.